Thursday, July 9, 2009

Question: The Martydrom of Helena Rodrigues', reversed?

i) Both Helena and Caroline manipulate the mental of Aloysius and George. They act pathetic in front of them, they do not show their real feelings, they uses reverse psychology. Examples is when Aloysius bring the persona back for lunch, Helena seems to be unhappy about it but she did not show it out, only everyday cook extra 1 more plate. In this way, she is trying to let George regret on what he had done and make him feel guilty about it. As for Caroline, she try to change the mindset of George about what Helena is trying to do, is actually only want to manipulate him. What Caroline is doing, is like she want to take over the role of controlling. Both their mental is different from usual females, female want the love of men but they are really sick for controlling the man, is usually the man controlling the women.

Both Aloysius and George mental are near breaking. Aloysius also die due to stress and more. George died due to accompany Helena. Both men mental are almost completely destroy by this two women. The role between the female and male is different because it only seems that Helena and Caroline are controlling Aloysius and George but not these men controlling them.

ii) Helena is full of emotion and because of this, allow her to control Aloycius and George. she act pity to gain sympathy from both of them. As for Caroline, she act to be cheerful and hoping that George will like it. As for Aloysius, he always remain slient and accept all Helena's decision, he does not wabt to fight back. George is more emotional, he care alot for his Helena, due to how Helena has been educating him, he was very upset when Helena is suffering. The men does not fight back, they just listn to what the women wants.

iii/iv) Helena was actually almost losing George but she manage to win him back by using the faith George have in spiritual and psychology. Helena have been educate him since he was young, trying to tell him that must be good to mother, never disrespect to her or disobey her. As for Caroline, she wan to change the mindset of George. Trying to change his belief but fail.

In this story, the roles are reverse as the women are the one manipulate the men, trying to take control of the men's life. As for the man, they are the only follower, they do not dare to defiance the women. All these usually should be the men doing but this story is totally inverse.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I now living in Singapore but then I am a Malaysian.
My uncles and aunties are living in Malaysia except a few of my aunt and uncle are staying in Singapore too.
My ancestors came from China.
Once my grandfather, father and mother went to our China hometown.
My grandfather always very happy when going to China.
I think that my grandfather miss his relatives in China.
When I grow up, I also want to go to the hometown and visit the relatives.
My name is Aileen,
I am a chinese.
I am a Malaysian,
but I stay in Singapore.
My grandfather came from China,
my ancestors all came from China.
I am happy now living in Singapore.